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There is a wide range of surf spots in Northumberland, all working in their own unique way, optimised in different conditions. There are a number of factors that make Bamburgh the perfect spot for our lessons. Some spots in Northumberland break over reef, producing waves that make advanced surfers weak at the knees, but Bamburgh breaks over lovely soft sand running very flat into the sea. This produces soft, long, peeling waves which give you time to find your feet on the surfboard or think about your next manoeuvre.

Bamburgh Beach faces the North which is where the majority of our swell comes from, meaning that it picks up more surf than any other surf spot in the area. When every other beach is flat Bamburgh may have a little wave. This does mean that when there are high seas Bamburgh can get very big, which is when we may move our lessons to one of the more protected spots close by – Beadnell Bay is one such spot. Beadnell harbour is actually the only harbour on the east coast which faces west. The harbour fully wrapping around protects the bay from the North, meaning that wave size is greatly reduced – it is usually flat but a great back up location for our lessons when the waves are too big at Bamburgh.

People are often surprised by how consistent the waves are in Northumberland. Big arctic storms produce frequent and sizeable swells in winter and in summer Bamburgh regularly has small waves perfect for learning and long boarding, while still getting occasional bigger days. As well as beautiful waves it’s very common to see inquisitive seals popping their heads up as well as pods of dolphins breaching out the back, so keep your eyes peeled!

catching a wave on Bamburgh beach
Preparing to surf at Bamburgh

We often wonder what the Anglo-Saxons and their successors would have thought of the changing sea conditions when looking out from Bamburgh Castle. Were they as mesmerised as we are when a 3-4ft swell meets a light offshore wind, creating perfectly peeling waves up and down the beach? What would they think if they could see the beach now on a sunny summers day, littered with holiday makers and surfers enjoying the natural and man-made topography which makes Bamburgh so special? We can only wonder.

It is our duty to preserve and enjoy this area of outstanding natural beauty, appreciating its rich history and unique, breathtaking landscapes. We love seeing the faces of our guests and travelling surfers light up with the joy of surfing at Bamburgh. Come and see for yourself!

Getting ready to surf - sandunes at Bamburgh


  1. Will Stewart

    We are intermediate surfers staying near Bamburgh next week. Do you hire out surf boards/foamies for the hour or day? Thanks

    • Emily Grimes

      Hi Will, we do 2hr hire slots when we are running lessons at the beach – contact us on 07962166486 and we can keep you posted on availability.

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