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Private Coaching – the Ultimate Way to Learn

With our private coaching sessions, you get the total attention of one or two instructors, depending on what type you choose.

They are the perfect step for anyone wanting to improve their skills and for those who prefer to learn on their own.

Check out our recently introduced video coaching where you can benefit from feedback about your technique in more detail.

Private Lessons

Premium Private Coaching

Our 1.5 hour premium private coaching sessions features 2 coaches per private session.

With 60 minutes of water time and 30 minutes of follow-up, land-based video analysis, they are suitable for individuals or small groups of up to 4 with similar ability.

With detailed feedback, they provide you with all the next steps to continue to improve when you are free surfing.

Individual sessions are : £110 for a 1.5 hour session.
Two people – £75/pp for 1.5 hours
Three people – £60/pp for 1.5 hours
Four people – £50/pp for 1.5 hours
(max 4 people)

Private in-water Coaching

You or your group gets the sole attention of our expert instructor for the full hour and a half, or 2hrs for groups 3+. We structure these lessons around you and what you need to work on.

Open to any level of surfer.

We start by identifying what needs work, whether that be starting from the very beginning, perfecting the pop up, improving wave selection/wave count or a specific longboard or shortboard manoeuvre. Our coach will be with you every step of the way providing feedback, giving actionable corrections and setting specific drills to help you achieve your goals.

Individual sessions are : £65 for a 2 hour session.
Two people – £50/pp for 2 hours
Three people and over – £40/pp for 2 hours

Video Analysis Sessions

In a video analysis session you are in the water on your own, so these sessions are for surfers who are confident surfing independently (must have own kit).

Sessions last 90 minutes.

Individual sessions are : £65 for a 1.5 session.
Two people – £50/pp for a 1.5 hour session
Three people and over – £40/pp for a 1.5 hour session

What to expect and what you will need to take part

  • Location – Bamburgh Beach (unless, due to conditions, we contact you to say otherwise).
  • Duration – 2 hours from meet time to lesson finishing. Allow a further 10 minutes to change at the end.
  • What to bring – all equipment is provided. We have quality wetsuits in a wide range of sizes and boots, gloves and hoods available in the colder months. If you would like to wear your own wetsuit that’s fine, but a good quality 5.4mm is what we use most of the time in Northumberland, so if it’s thinner consider using one of ours.
  • What the lesson entails – all of our lessons include a warm up and safety brief of the days conditions. Our beginner and improver lessons break all the stages of surfing down into manageable chunks, including both beach theory and lots of practice in the water. Intermediate and advanced lessons are tailored to the goals and needs of the surfers, they include both beach theory and always lots of time in the water. Whatever the session, you’ll come out feeling like you’ve really earned that hot drink and Bamburgh Banger butty (or whatever else might be on the menu!).
surfing conditions

Structured Coaching

At NE surf the quality of our lessons is of paramount importance to us. We believe that structured coaching leads to better surfing, so we group our lessons on ability to ensure that everyone receives appropriate and tailored instruction.

If you aren’t sure on your level please give us a call or a text before booking and our experienced instructors can guide you towards the right one for you.

We operate our group lessons at a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 6 surfers, lower than the industry standard. We do this to ensure that our lessons are safe and the coaching effective.

What they say about us

John M

“My kids aged 16 and 12 loved their 2hr beginner surf lesson yesterday at Bamburgh beach, they were absolutely buzzing and can’t wait to do it again. Big shout out to Chris he was fantastic with all the kids, full of energy, put them at ease straight away and had them completely engaged.

Well organised, easy to book, good communication as to what beach etc. the meeting point was. Good price.

Joanne B - Leicestershire

I would definitely recommend NE surf school for anyone who is interested in learning to surf. Emilyis a brilliant instructor, really patient and attentive, and knows exactly how to try and correct anything that I’m doing wrong.

Even in the group lessons she is able to watch and help everyone in the group equally. It’s so great to know that she wants me to progress and improve as much as I want to myself, and she makes the lessons so fun and relaxed.

Can’t wait for more lessons and to hopefully keep improving

Chez E

“A brilliant surf lesson with Chris. I have surfed a bit before but Chris was amazing at recapping and helping me to progress wile being super enthusiastic and attentive to the whole group.

I went on my own to a group lesson and had a great time – plus we had an extra seal up friend! The lesson was at the beautiful Bamburgh and we had beautiful waves! Highly recommend.”

Emma Z

I had a private surf lesson with Chris at Bamburgh and it was really great. I’ve had a lot of lessons in lots of different places, and he was by far one of the most knowledgable instructors.

It was easy to see an improvement in my surfing by following his tips and guidance. Would really recommend!

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