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Surfing positively effects resilience, confidence and self-worth

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Our Aim

Surfing is inexplicably amazing, therapeutic, profound and life changing. Surf therapy is recognised as a form of mental and physical health intervention and really positively effects resilience, confidence and self-worth. We know first hand how surfing calms, excites and grounds us, and we’re lucky enough to share not only surf skills and knowledge with our students but also all of the therapeutic benefits. We believe that everyone should be able to access the benefits of surf therapy, but it is often those who would benefit the most who face the biggest barriers to access.

NE Surf Society is a community group whose aim is to make surfing as inclusive as possible by removing inequalities and barriers to access. We want to encourage and increase participation in surfing so that as many people as possible are impacted by the associated physical and mental health benefits.

Getting active

Some key areas of focus are as follows:

  • Improve the adaptive surfing offer in Northumberland. Bring better adaptive surfing equipment to the region to assist people with additional needs (due to disability, illness, injury or learning difficulties) to enjoy surfing.
  • Run surf therapy sessions for people with SEMH needs.
  • Reach young people who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to enjoy surfing and the physical and mental health benefits that come with it. Achieving this through a variety of projects working with target groups of students in schools, pupil referral units and youth offenders/NEETs.
  • Run sessions for groups within the local community who could not ordinarily afford to access surf lessons/enjoy the sea safely.
  • Run sessions for ex and current armed forces members.

In the light of the climate and ecological emergency we do all of the above with a view to our environmental impact. Surf lessons offer a unique opportunity to link young people and water users with the natural world, communicate with local conservation organisations and share education about the importance of nature to all our health at key points in our lessons.

Emily of NE Surf rides a prone adapted surfboard
Adaptive surf instructor training in front of Bamburgh castle
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Get Involved

For many of these projects we rely on volunteers to help our instructors both in the water and on land. Volunteering to help others reap the benefits of surfing can be more rewarding than surfing itself. We have a range of projects lined up so there are opportunities to help people with physical, mental health, emotional and social needs.

You need not be a surfer or coach to volunteer, all you need is a passion to share the Stoke. All volunteers will receive training in how best to help our surfers. We also allow our volunteers to use our equipment for free after any or all of our sessions.

If you would like to register to be a volunteer or have any questions please get in touch with us via or 07962166486.


Pay it forward

Add an optional donation to your booking with us to give someone who would not ordinarily be able to access surfing the opportunity to have a surf session. All money goes towards providing surf sessions for free to local community organisations.

Projects and Funding

We are proud to have received funding and ongoing support from Unltd, the UK’s foundation for social entrepreneurs. So far this funding has enabled us to get 5 of our instructors qualified as adaptive surf instructors, so we are able to deliver safe, exciting and inclusive surf sessions to people with a range of additional needs. We also have funding to get some adaptive surfing equipment which should be with us soon.

We have some budget available to offer subsidised sessions to local community organisations and charities, so please get in touch if you have a session or project in mind.

If you would like to find out more about surfing, surf therapy or what they may do for you then please do get in touch – we will do our best to get everyone in the water, stoked and surfing!

Surfers getting ready to enter the water with coach Chris

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