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We decided to kick start our offerings here at NE Surf with an intro offer of free video analysis with a private lesson. Video analysis not only makes your surfing progress faster, it also helps us become better coaches by giving us more time to analyse our surfers, coming up with new strategies to improve technique.

Being the perfectionists that we are it was a no brainier for us to throw in video analysis with our private lessons for free while we had the capacity.

We have enjoyed delivering these lessons as much as our surfers have benefited from receiving them. In doing so we feel we have come up with a really unique formula for providing some of the highest quality coaching sessions on the market, so we are going to continue offering them as our premium private coaching sessions.

Session Details

Premium Private Sessions

Our 1.5 hour premium private coaching session includes:

  • 2 coaches per private or private group lesson – one in the water and one on land videoing your waves
  • At least 1 hour of water time with either Chris or Emily as the lead in water coach
  • 15-30 mins of land based theory, with the chance to see videos during the session to aid progress
  • On land coach analysing video in real time and giving feedback
  • Video’s sent after the session, with either recorded analysis or in person analysis
  • Detailed feedback on next steps so that progress can be continued when free surfing

These sessions last for 1.5hrs and price per person varies depending on the number of surfers in the private group. Max of 4 surfers – we can cater to more but recommend keeping your group small to get maximum benefit from the session. If you are coming as a group we recommend surfers are at a similar ability level to ensure everyone gets the most out of the session.

Coaching surfing using video aids
surfing style - Chris at Bamburgh


1 person – £110

2 people – £75pp

3 people – £60pp

4 people – £50pp

Private Coaching

We also offer in water private coaching or video analysis individually.

Private in water coaching

You or your group gets the sole attention of our expert instructor for the full hour and a half, or 2hrs for groups 3+.

We structure these lessons around you and what you need to work on.

Open to any level of surfer.

We start by identifying what needs work, whether that be starting from the very beginning, perfecting the pop up, improving wave selection/wave count or a specific longboard or shortboard manoeuvre. Our coach will be with you every step of the way providing feedback, giving actionable corrections and setting specific drills to help you achieve your goals.

Video analysis session

In a video analysis session you are in the water on your own, so these sessions are for surfers who are confident surfing independently (must have own kit).

Sessions last 90 minutes.

We start with a brief theory session, identifying key learning points and any specific goals/focal points throughout the surf. Depending on your goals we may also set you some specific drills for the session. You then go for a surf and we film all of your waves, we may call you out once or twice during the session if we feel it would be beneficial to give you some live feedback.

After the session we will either organise a live video feedback session or record our video analysis. We will then send you all of the videos (and analysis if not done live) so that you can see exactly what areas you need to work on. In our feedback we will give you actionable next steps to improve.

Surfing lesson in front of Bamburgh Castle
Evening surfing at Bamburgh


Pricing for private in water coaching and video analysis sessions are the same and as follows (price varies depending on number of people in group):

1 person – £65

2 people – £50pp

3 people and up – £40pp

Get in touch via text or email to organise a private lesson or hit ‘request a time’ on our booking system.


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